39 Brilliant & Productive Things To Do On The Internet


Each time Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp shut down, there is always chaos on the internet. Your smartphne suddenly feel useless. You spend your time learning new tiktok dances or trying to beat that candy crush level you’ve been stuck in for days.

I’m pretty sure this hurt Mark Zuckerberg more than it hurt most of us. 

But some people actually felt the effect. 

To be honest, I don’t usually notice fast until I have refreshed my network and restarted my phone several times out of frustration.

Some call it a break and they don’t mind it happening every now and then, at least to get them away from mindless scrolling, for some, that was the worst thing ever. 

What are they supposed to do with their phones if they’re not on social media.

I mean, you’ve been working all day, you deserve some mindless scrolling at night, right?? 

I don’t count it as sad that the only way some people can get off social media is if they’re forced to. 

While, in my opinion, not everything needs to come to a productive end, one of the most asked questions is ‘what do I do on the Internet that’ll be productive?’ So as not to feel like a wasteman. For most people, that might translate to being off social media.

Some people work on social media so of course, whenever they use social media, it’s productive. 

Back to the question,

When I don’t work or don’t want to work and i don’t want to just mindlessly do things, what productive things can I do with the Internet? 

We’ve got you covered

Here are 39 productive things to do on the internet: 

  1. Schedule a call with an old friend to catch up. 
  2. Read a blog post 
  3. Read an article 
  4. Watch a Ted Talk. 
  5. Listen to a podcast on a topic you’re interested in. 
  6. Read on a new hobby. 
  7. Find a remote work you think you can handle. 
  8. Play a puzzle game. 
  9. Support a small business you recently patronised by sending them a review online. 
  10. Review apps you use on your appstore
  11. Search for fun and interesting places to visit.
  12. Visit places virtually using Google earth. 
  13. Read a book online. 
  14. Watch an interview of someone inspiring. 
  15. Learn a language 
  16. Learn a new hobby
  17. Find a new recipe to cook. 
  18. View art works, illustrations and so on online, leave a review. 
  19. Follow someone new in your field. 
  20. Read the story of someone. 
  21. Read or watch the making of something you use often. 
  22. Read or watch the history of something. 
  23. Interact with the virtual assistant of your device. 
  24. Organise your calendars 
  25. Find a new fun app.
  26. Improve your vocabulary with online dictionaries or vocabulary sites. 
  27. Find a course. 
  28. Read people’s opinions on matters- quora, reddit.
  29. Practice speed reading. 
  30. Practice speed typing. 
  31. Find coupons or great deals for online stores
  32. Answer some questions on quora 
  33. Find new artistes to listen to on your music streaming platform.
  34. Host a virtual party or game night. 
  35. Watch animals.
  36. Work out with YouTube fitness classes. 
  37. Send emails to your friends to make their day. 
  38. Edit your pictures. 
  39. Make a video



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