Top 10 best places to visit in Ghana


Africa is blessed with rich culture. There are so many amazing places to visit to learn more about African countries. our pick for today is Ghana – the land of Gold. Ghana is enjoying a stable democracy and enjoyable development which is creating a joyful energy across the country.

Ghana is located by the Guld of Guinea. The country pans an area of 238,535 km2 (92,099 sq mi), and has an Atlantic coastline that stretches 560 kilometres (350 miles) on the Gulf of Guinea in Atlantic Ocean to its south.

It is known for its lush forests, diverse animal life, and miles of sandy beaches along a picturesque coast and also celebrated for its rich history. Citizens of Ghana are known as Ghanaians and they are one of the most energized people in the world. Ghanaians are well invested in sports and rich in food.

The never-ending debate between Ghanaian and Nigerian jollof is proof of how passionate Ghanaians are about their culture. There is a massive different between Northern and Southern Ghana. The difference involves religion, tribes and geography.

If you ever think of visiting, here are some of the best places to visit in Ghana.

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Top 10 Best places to visit in Ghana

  1. Accra

Accra Metropolitan Assembly

The capital of Ghana is a sight to behold. It is where things go down. Due to the city’s two million inhabitants, you will undoubtedly notice how vibrant it is. Accra is home to thriving markets and historic colonial structures. You will enjoy yourself while exploring Jamestown and other significant sites in the city, we are confident. The Makola Market and the National Museum, both significant to the city’s art and culture, must be seen while in Accra. The beaches, such as Labadi and Coco Beach, should also be visited. In addition to these, Accra, Ghana, has a large number of other tourist attractions.

Accra provides amenities to make you feel at home, whether you’re visiting on your yearly family vacation, by yourself, or with a group of friends. The numerous beaches that surround the city are what visitors adore most, especially Labadi Beach. The National Museum in Accra is where you can find many of the nation’s historical artifacts.

The National Theatre, the International Trade Fair, the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial, Independence Square, and the W.E.B. Dubois Center are all worth visiting as well. There are marketplaces, amazing cuisine, great music, and loads of traffic around every corner. Visit one of Teshie’s many casket stores to cap it all off.

2. Kakum National Park


For anyone traveling to Ghana, Kakum National Park is a must-visit location. The park is situated along southern Ghana’s coast (Central Region of Ghana).
Its land size is sizable, reaching 145 square meters. Elephants and antelopes, among other endangered species, can be seen in great numbers at Kakum National Park.
The park’s canopy walk, which is hung at a height of around 30 meters, evokes a sense of excitement, especially for persons who enjoy heights. You can see the trees and the surrounding landscape from there.

Ghana is a biodiverse country with some rare plant and animal species. The Volta area is unquestionably one of the most beautiful parts of Ghana. One must visit Kakum National Park if they want to see Ghana’s rainforests. It covers a considerable portion of southern Ghana. When visiting this location, visitors can view buffalos, meerkats, civets, elephants, and a variety of bird species. A significant component of the national park that attracts many visitors is the Canopy Walkway. To have a full understanding of the location, visitors should unquestionably attend guided tours.

3. Mole National park

Safari in Mole national park - Your Beach House in Ghana • Right at the ocean!

This park is located in Ghana’s northwest. The biggest wildlife park in Ghana is located here. A sizable grassland known as Mole National Park is home to African elephants, buffalo, baboons, warthogs, and kob antelopes. Here, you may find at least 300 different bird species and almost 100 different types of mammals. They might occasionally see lions as well.

For bird enthusiasts, the park is fantastic because it is home to more than 250 species of birds. To see the majority of the animals when they come to drink water, try to visit the park between January and March, which is the dry season. It is regarded as one of the top tourist destinations in Ghana for all the right reasons. In Ghana, this is the location for family safaris. The park offers both walking and driving safaris, and if you don’t have a car of your own, you may hire one.

4. Busua Beach

Busua Beach, Busua Beach Ghana Holidays Tour Travel Lodging.

As we said, Ghana is a country that is very close to the ocean. Busua is a very beautiful beach where tourists can sunbathe and eat freshly cooked lobster. It is also the place where people can learn surfing and indulge in the exciting ocean activity. The place is also known for the several luxurious resorts that are situated very close to the beach. You will never go back disappointed if you choose Busua beach as the holiday destination of Ghana. Definitely try out the local cuisine from the nearby restaurants and also from the vendors present beside the beach.

5. Labadi Beach

Labadi Beach Hotel - Hotel in Accra
Labadi Beach Hotel

There are many well-known beaches along Accra’s coastline, making it a fantastic location for recreation. Labadi Beach, commonly known as La Pleasure Beach, is one of the beaches. On Ghana’s coast, Labadi Beach is one of the busiest beaches. La Palm Royal Beach Hotel and Labadi Beach Hotel look after the beach. Both have done a good job of keeping this beach up.

On the weekends, it is common to see a crowd at the Beach. Labadi Beach is one of best places to visit in Ghana, where Ghanaians and foreigners alike enjoy leisure and enjoyment. On the beach, you may play games, dance to music played over loudspeakers, and ride horses, among other activities. If you prefer to have a quiet time at the beach, it is best to visit on weekdays.

Along with sunbathing and lounging on the sands, this place has a ton of fantastic local restaurants where you can eat great food and drink amazing cocktails. One must pay a nominal admission fee to enter the beach because it is mainly a property of the nearby hotels. Weekend visitors will undoubtedly be able to enjoy some local entertainment, including dancing, music, local reggae bands, and native drumming.

6. Lake Volta

Lake Volta - Wikipedia

The largest artificial lake in existence today, Lake Volta is one of the best tourists attractions in Ghana. The area is incredibly lovely and a must-see for visitors to Ghana. When the Akosombo dam was built across the Volta river, a lake was created. Additionally, 3.6% of Ghana’s total land area is covered. One can visit Dodi Island when they are there. People have the choice of going on a trip to the dam or fishing in specific areas of the lake. To accommodate visitors interested in spending quality time by the natural seclusion, exotic and opulent hotels have been built close to the lake.

7. Cape Coast

A Somber Visit To Cape Coast Castle, Ghana - Live and Let's Fly

One of Africa’s most major cultural hotspots is Cape Coast, a historic European colonial city. The town, which the Portuguese originally called Cabo Corso, was hosted the largest slave trade hub in West Africa. Slaves were hauled here, imprisoned within the forbidding town’s castle, and then loaded onto ships en route to the New World.

You will feel a great deal of emotion from what you see and do here. Cape Coast is predominantly a fishing community nowadays, with an artistic feel. The streets are lined with historic colonial structures and make for pleasant strolls. You may visit Anomabu, Elmina, and Kakum National Park from Cape Coast.

8. National museum  of Ghana : Ghana Museums and Monuments Board, Castles and Forts, Museums, Archaeological Sites, Asante Traditional Buildings.

The National Museum of Ghana will appeal greatly to people who are a fan of history. Numerous exhibitions are devoted to the Atlantic Slave Trade and the lives of Africans that were permanently altered as a result.

This is the place to go if you want a thorough explanation of the anthropological diversity of contemporary Ghana. Learn how to weave Kente cloth, see traditional household items, artwork, and royal Ashanti tools, and gain insights into people from the past and present.

9. Elmina Castle

Elmina was painful like that - By: Abubakar Adam Ibrahim | Dailytrust

The Elmina Castle has a rich historical past, just like the Cape. Elmina Castle served as the first European trading center for slaves in Africa. It was constructed by the Portuguese in what is now Ghana in the 15th century. It principally served the Caribbean and Brazil slave networks over the centuries and was under the authority of the Dutch and the British.

Visit the dungeons below where one cell could house up to 200 prisoners after viewing the opulent lodgings where the Europeans lodged up top. It’s a really enlightening examination of a challenging period in African and European history. The castle is a component of the national museum system and a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Monument.

10. Finally, Jamestown

Jamestown Lighthouse | , Ghana | Sights - Lonely Planet

Jamestown is a challenging but inspiring area of Accra. As both the British and the Portuguese left a cultural and architectural legacy, there is a ton of history to learn. The people of Jamestown are kind, and the town is bustling.

A guide is a wonderful addition but not absolutely necessary because there aren’t many markers to explain the context of the history you’re experiencing. The area, which is a hybrid of rural and urban, is renowned for producing outstanding national boxers.


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