Control Overthinking Before It Controls You, And Be Happier


Analysing is a skill that’s quite impressive. Many of us actually possess it, but here’s the catch, we have blessed ourselves with way too much of this skill. 

Overthinking and analyzing are not the same thing. Constant overthinking can cause someone to develop mental health issues and affect your overall well-being. Overthinkers will understand exactly how it works. You keep having this issue on the forefront of your mind—it may be a work-related predicament or a concern about your health—and you just can’t seem to get it out of your head. Thoughts circle back and forth, but sadly, answers are rarely found.


Over-analysing, over-thinking. When we spend too much time thinking about our issues and conundrums, we frequently get even more perplexed than when we started. In addition, prolonged overthinking can cause a variety of symptoms like fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and insomnia, which frequently prompts additional anxieties about one’s symptoms, perpetuating the overthinking loop. This can occasionally develop into long-term anxiety or depression.

That moment when you’re not satisfied with one or two careful thoughts or look throughs. The times when your brain decides that it’s a wise and useful decision to waste a lot of your time breaking down every fraction of a decision, an event or just anything in an unnecessary manner. 

Worst part, your imagination often takes the lead when you’re overthinking rather than your logic hence you make things up as you go. What’s funny is on days when you actually need to analyse, boom, the skill is gone. 

If you tend to do this often(overthink, I mean) you might not even recognize it. You might not recognize you’re probably overthinking School, your last mistake, your relationship, your next outing, your friends’ decision, etc. 

Just writing this to say we relate. 


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