Why Birthdays Are Amazing, Even If You’re Not A Kid Anymore


Me: It’s your birthday tomorrow, are you excited? 

Person: No.

Me: Why? Is anything wrong? 

Person: No, nothing’s wrong. It’s just another day. 

Me: but it’s your birthday

Person: lol

Have you had a conversation similar to that or maybe, you’re ‘Person’. 

From spending most of our days indoors for more than a year now, it’s completely relatable to think every day is indeed everyday or to think tomorrow is just another day. 

But there’s this day in a year called a birthday, as the name implies, it’s the day one is given birth to.

On birthdays, people celebrate. Wines, outings, food, parties, birthday wishes, lots of love, friends and maybe even the most important part, birthday cakes(or a replacement If you’re not into cakes).

Those are just regular stuff but generally birthdays are to be celebrated anyhow and with anything the celebrant chooses.

Sweet 16, golden jubilee and I have no idea what the 21st birthday is called but people do take it seriously too.

It’s not rare to find someone who thinks otherwise, who thinks there’s really nothing to be celebrated and a birthday is just another day. 

This post is not meant to change anyone’s philosophy on life.

Infact, there’s nothing wrong with sleeping all day on your birthday. As I’ve said earlier, the celebrant chooses how to celebrate, the keyword being celebrate.

Right now, I’d like to be cupid’s older cousin and hit you with reasons to be joyful on your birthday 


  1. You’ve made it through one orbital period with the earth moving round the sun, that’s awesome. You made it through days and nights and seasons and weathers. 
  2. You own the day, really, you do.
  3. All humans need affection and attention, and that’s what the day is for. 
  4. It brings joy once you channel into it 
  5. It motivates you 
  6. You get to focus on the wonderful and important things of life. Remember, even the little things matter.
  7. Through out a year, at least one person has been nice to you and I trust that you’ve been nice to at least one person too, that’s enough reason to celebrate.
  8. You literally need to take any opportunity you get to make it about you and celebrate with your favourite things. No narcissism detected.
  9. Someone(or some people) love you like your family, friends (online or offline, you’ve met them before or not) and they want to celebrate you.
  10. You have an excuse to eat as much as you want.


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